Product Offerings

International businesses confront a range of operational risks that can thwart success at every turn. Effective country risk management requires sensitivity to the sovereign, political, economic, financial, technical, environmental, developmental, and socio-cultural risks that international businesses encounter in all cross-border transactions. Whether you need:

  • Insight into a new operating environment,
  • A third party view of the risks associated with operating or investing in an emerging market, or
  • To outsource due diligence for a specific transaction

CRS provides a range of services to achieve effective
country risk management that are surprisingly affordable.

Among the services offered by CRS:
  •  Pre-investment due diligence
    • Market entry analysis
    • Regulatory environment analysis
  • Country risk analysis
    • Geopolitical risk analysis
    • Macroeconomic risk analysis
    • Security analysis
  • Political Risk Insurance
    • Brokerage services
    • Consulting services
  • Human intelligence
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration
  • Crisis management media training
  • Risk management audits
  • Expert witness
  • Strategic planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Country risk management training

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